6 Best Premium Angular Admin Templates

Egret – Angular Material Design Admin Template

egret angular admin template preview banner

Egret, a Premium Angular Admin Template which implements the official Angular Material Design components and built with Angular CLI. No Bootstrap!, No jQuery! and Only TypeScript!

Egret provides you everything to start your next ERP, CRM or CMS based project. Egret implements Lazy loading, AOT compilation, and Four color schemes/themes. And it’s also super easy to create your own theme. You will get detailed instructions about creating new theme in Egret documentation.

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Javascript object constructor and prototype

Every web developer knows javascript does not support classical inheritance, we use prototype of functions and objects to fill that gap. It’s called prototypal inheritance. New version of javascript has implemented classical inheritance may be a keyword “class” but actually it’s just a simulation. Under the hood it works using prototype. So it would be better to clear our concept about this confusing prototype.
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